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  • Namesake Coffee - A micro roastery

    We care deeply about a quality cup o' joe. We think coffee should be an experience of flavors, aroma, comfort - it should entice creativity, inspire momentum, engage memories, and encourage connection. Yes, we wax eloquent; it is only because we are passionate. We wish for you good conversations, and we hope our roast will someday grace your coffee cup.

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    You can order a bag of beans today! The origins vary from month to month, so look over the list to choose which particular origin you would like. Check back when you're ready to order more as our roasts change often.



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    Want to sell our beans?

    We would love to partner with your organization if you're interested in selling our spectacular coffee beans in your shop, restaurant, out of the back of your car, etc. Some of our current partnerships include Table 33, Ordinarie Faire, Salt Block Biscuit Co., and Grist which all serve Namesake Coffee on their menu, and have a few retail bags available. You can also find retail bags at Gem City Market downtown. Reach out to us if you'd like to become a supplier of Namesake Coffee on your coffee bar or in your retail store!

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    Coffee with the Beans

    We love events. Invite us to yours! 

    We would love to provide Namesake coffee at your event! We provide everything from a full-service espresso bar with a tailored specialty drink menu to boxed drip coffee for your next office event! We love offering coffee education events including brewing tips or coffee cuppings as well. Message us if you're interested in offering some great coffee at your next party or if you ever want to hang out with us during our coffee cuppings.

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  • name·sake - ˈnāmˌsāk/ noun: a person or thing that has the same name as another.

    Jessica and MIchael Beans, Founders of Namesake coffee

  • About Namesake Coffee

    Our Core Beliefs:

    • We believe in quality over quantity; Small-batch roasting is a must. We roast on a 6 lb San Franciscan and she is an absolute beauty.   
    • We believe in only selling whole beans. This is not simply to be pretentious, but is a conscious effort to encourage grinding your beans fresh each morning which will give you the best flavor and a seriously great cup of coffee. 
    • We believe that fresh is best, which is why we always list a roast date on our bags.
    • We believe good coffee is for everyone and no question is stupid. Whether you're a daily K-cupper or an exclusive cortado aficionado, we want to be a part of a growing community of coffee lovers. So ask your questions and let's talk about great coffee. 
    • We believe coffee should inspire connection. We hope this cup of coffee is more than simply your daily caffeine fix, our wish is that our coffee somehow inspires conversation or introspection.
    • We believe a cup of coffee should go further, which is why we partner with a number of non-profits by donating proceeds to build up our community and to make a difference in this world. Our coffee builds orphanages in Uganda (Weight of Glory) and feeds refugees in Dayton. 

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    Namesake Origins

    "We are enamored with all things coffee, artisan coffee & hand-pour enthusiasts. We are Dayton dwellers, mountain dreamers, Egyptian lovers. We are Jessica and Michael Beans of Namesake Coffee." #Beansroastingbeans


    Jessica and Michael Beans met while living in Cairo, Egypt (an adorable story for another time). And you know how the saying goes... First comes love ...then comes marriage...then comes starting a coffee roasting company.


    After moving from Denver, CO to Dayton, OH, the Beans decided to pursue their love of great coffee by starting a small-batch coffee roasting company and on March 15, 2016, Namesake Coffee Roasters, LLC. was born. Read more here.


    Michael and Jessica are passionate about creating a company that promotes goodness within our world. This is why they chose to give a portion of their proceeds to nonprofits throughout their area. Coffee has and always will be about connection, so they use their company to connect with their local community.




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