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12 oz bag, once a month
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Have you ever dreamed about freshly roasted coffee just showing up at your door, like magic? Well, we here at Namesake Coffee have made it possible! You decide how much coffee you want and how often you want it to be delivered and then we do all the work for you, including shipping it to you for absolutely free. You're welcome :)
Now for the facts:
- We rotate through a different coffee roast every time. However, if you prefer to receive one specific roast each time just leave us a comment when checking out and we'll make sure to tailor your subscription to your taste! 
- Select either an 8oz or 12oz bag of coffee and the frequency you'd like to receive it from the options above. 
- Select "Coffee Subscription Account" when checking out and we'll send you an email with follow-up instructions to confirm your account details. Don't worry, it will seriously only take two minutes. Each payment will be processed the same week your coffee is shipped. 
- You can opt out at any time! Just send an email and we’ll cancel your subscription. 
Welcome to the Namesake community. Put your feet up, relax, and let us make your morning routine that much easier. As always, drink intentionally.
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