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Gifts that Give Back 2017

Even though gifting coffee is always a good choice, we have some ideas for you on giving gifts that give back.

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Gifts that Give Back AND are Also Awesome

Christmas is coming soon…. Commence frantic Googling of best gifts for _____________ [insert relation]. Of course, we need to put in a shameless plug to buy our coffee because, well, first of all, it’s amazingly delicious and second, who wouldn’t want a bag of coffee as a gift. And third, for the month of December we will be donating 10% of every Namesake Coffee purchase to a local high school program that provides lunch for Rwandan refugee students who would not otherwise have food. However, if you need to get something to add to your gift of coffee, we have some ideas for you.

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We know that Christmas gifts can be hit and miss. There’s a chance of picking out a sweater that becomes their favorite, but there’s just as equal a chance that they throw it away the day after Christmas. A few years ago, Michael and I decided we wanted to get gifts that mattered. We went on a quest to find companies that seem to be doing awesome things in the world as well as selling awesome products. That way, if someone hated it and threw it away the next day, it actually did some good in the world. Hopefully, our list will help you this Xmas season!

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Rescue Chocolate:The gift of chocolate is ALWAYS a good choice – and this chocolate is extra special because 100% of the net profits are donated to animal rescue organizations around the country!

Better World Books: My dad is always a hard one to shop for, however, he LOVES books. For every Book you buy, Better World Books donates a book to someone in need. They also do other cool stuff like literacy funding and working to reduce landfill.

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Krochet Kids: This has been one of my favorites for a long time. They have the cutest clothing items and most stylish accessories all made by women in an effort to help them rise above poverty through education and learning a trade. AND, each and every item crocheted by these women is hand-signed by them! So personal!

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Bead for LIFE: This awesome jewelry is made from recycled paper to empower women in Africa to work their way out of poverty. Bead for LIFE also created an entrepreneurial business training program to give women living in poverty skills they need to create their own businesses. Cute jewelry and empowered women is always a winning combo.

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Weight of Glory Orphan Care: A dear friend of ours started this nonprofit to create sustainable funding for an orphanage in Uganda. 100% of her proceeds go straight to this awesome cause and she has some fun shirts and jewelry that would make an awesome gift.

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Conscious Step: If you’re going to give the gift of socks to that boring man in your life anyway, why not give socks that give back! This company allows you to choose the cause (and the socks) you want to give such as “socks that fight hunger” or “socks that give water”

We’d love to hear from you about other companies that are making phenomenal products and doing good in our world! Leave us a comment if you have any to add to our list.