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Two Years.

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Two years ago...

Before we established our LLC two years ago, Michael was experimenting with roasting in our oven. He would sit in our kitchen watching the beans through the oven door, listening for that beautiful first crack. He became obsessed with the process and magic of transforming those green coffee beans. Next came our Hot Top. This was a perfect way to get our business off the ground – literally roasting one bag at a time. Finally, at the beginning of this year, we were able to purchase a beautiful 6 lb San Franciscan Roaster, which has allowed us to continue to grow and transform our business to not only to keep up with our single orders but also opening the door for wholesale accounts and unique partnerships.

The evolution of our packaging started with a plastic ziplock bag with the origin written in permanent marker. These were reserved for our close friends who were trying out our product for the first time. We then transitioned to hobby lobby bags with black stickers and chalk pens and finally ended up with our Kraft paper beauties as they are today, which we are continuing to develop to be more sophisticated and sleek.

More than the machines we have been roasting on and the packages we use, the last two years have brought us so many connections with amazing people. Our customers, partners, and peers have continued to drive us to be better and we are so excited to see where the next year takes us! We are truly grateful to all who have bought coffee, posted about Namesake Coffee, and generally shared in the excitement of this passion of ours.

In celebration of our two-year business anniversary and as a thank you to all our amazing customers, we'll be adding a second free bag of coffee to any orders for the rest of March! We hope you take this extra bag of coffee and share it with a friend. Go ahead, make their day. To us, coffee is and always will be about connection. We hope to continue building Namesake Coffee to be a business that cares about people, connection, and making a difference in our world. Here's to two years!

Below are some of those partners and peers that have absolutely made the last two years an awesome growing experience for us:

Charles Nick and Alex Chittum - The Wright Cup

Anthony Ritter – 13 North Coffee

Kettering Adventist Church

Megan Sutherland - Weight of Glory Orphan Care

Michael Rice – Mad Priest Coffee

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